Surry Open BJJ - 11th Dec 2016

MJ - Unfortunately his opponents did not want to fight so wins default gold.  He decided to go for Absolute and fought courageously, losing by a choke late in the fight.

Mark - An irritating fight as his opponent went to ground and stayed on top without making any attempt to fight for the remainder of the bout.

Aimran - Got to the Venue and went to weigh in, unfortunately he was slightly over weight, so I took him for some sprints and burps to cut weight which he did.  So onto the fight which started well for both fighters, after 3min it was 4/4 and the Aimran started to tire losing the fight.  We knew it was going to be tough cutting weight just before the start of his fight but he did do really well.

Just so you all know these guys all went to the comp today with less experience than some of their opponents to test their ability and make corrections to aspects of their game, which we will work on in class.  We learnt so much today and as always very proud.