Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Interclub Competition Results

We went into this competition with 4 competitors & no comp experience. We were the smallest team but came out with great success.

Sydney - Came up against kids that were heavier and older, in her first fight she got taken down but she stayed on top for the whole fight and controlled.  Second fight, she lost to a girl that has been training for 3 years.  Overall I was very pleased and excited for her, she had tremendous will power and technically astute.

Gian Luca - His first was awesome it was back and forth but GL showed determination, technique & strength to win his first.  Onto the Final - what a fantastic fight, he came up against his friend who had been training for 4 years.  He got taken down, then swept his opponent and the points were 2-2, he managed to stay on top.  The buzzer went and the decision went to the referee.  This time he got Silver which is a great achievement. 

Charlie - he got taken down early but this was strategic as he then used this to set up his signature arm bar and submitted his opponent very quickly, Impressive Jiu Jitsu, next match the final.

Andre - Also got taken down, his opponent was trying all sorts of things, he tried getting the elbow down the neck but was unsuccessful, Andre managed to get his hips out and take the back finishing with a cool 'rear naked' choke, next match the final.

Final Andre v Charlie  What do I do, teammates fighting each other?????

Normally teammates don't fight but I wanted them to fight and they trained to hard not to finish the job.  Charlie wins the fight but both are winners in my eyes.

What we achieved today was fantastic but I did expect this.

I love this group of kids and am exited and honoured to have them as my students.