No Gi is back every Thursday

Yesterday's no gi class had an 'old school wrestling' feel about it, especially as many of us forgot our rash guards.  

Our new class got off to a flying start when Patrick and James hit the mats with some Capoeira inspired moves.

Did I prefer gi or no gi?  I am not sure,  one thing I did find during the training session, without a gi the game was much faster and it was very difficult to hold down your opponent.

 I am looking forward to future classes, I am sure Patrick will teach us how to lock down a slippery opponent, perhaps even with his signature heel hook, which I remember getting submitted by.

Maybe I don't need to decide which I prefer and I can simply use the no gi sessions to improve my reflexes during the high speed rolling and fine tune the submissions which don't need a grip.  

After the class I thought about the similarities to Koshti Pahlaviani, a form of submission grappling prevalent in Iran, which was practiced by my late father, maybe no gi is in my blood and I just don't know it yet.

Roll on next Thursday with or without a rash guard!!!!